Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year

The new dancing year has started for our group.  We all felt a little "rusty"  after our three week break.

The new dances this week were taught by Bill.

Arcanul de la Fundul Moldovei was the intermediate dance that Bill taught. He learned it from Mihi David.
The video below is almost like the way Mihai taught it.  There is an extra step in the dance in the version that Mihai taught in Tennessee in 2011

Here is a group from Copenhagen doing the dance the same music but different steps.

Dunav's version is below

A PDF description of the dance as taught at the 2003 Door Count Folk Festival by Alexandru and Mihai David.  The dance that Mihai taught Tennessee has one more figure.

The other dance that Bill taught was Shareni Chorapki, a dance of Bulgarian origin that can be found in Greek Macedonia in the region of Drama. It is basically a Devetorka.  Below are some videos of the dance and some commentary.  The name can be translated into 'Patterned Socks" or Multi-colored Socks.

Will you be dancing with any children soon?
Have a great time dancing, playing or listening to the music.

Another Day, Another Dance,
Happy Dancing