Monday, April 26, 2010

National Dance Week and New Logo

It's National Dance Week 2010(April 23 - May 2), So kick up your heels and dance! In observance of National Dance Week, I have added the BIRD logo to the site and will start emailing more contacts about the project. Up until now, only a few people from our group have viewed the blog and given me feed back.

I hope to see some old and new friends at our regular dancing time 6:30 Wednesday, April 28 at the Charlottesville Senior Center! Bring some goodies and we'll really celebrate!

Another Day, Another Dance!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kolo Zita, Sitna Zborenka

It's great to have Susan O. back teaching.We hope that Susan J's back will heal rapidly so that she can be back dancing and teaching. Kolo Zita This youtube site has a suite of other Croatian dances being performed with Kolo Zita this one is done a little differently. I couldn't find the Bulgarian dance Sitna Zborenka on the internet.

We had an even dozen dancers this week. Great to see and dance with everyone!

Another Day, Another Dance!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Electric Slide

A small group this week only 8 die hard dancers. The 3 Susans(reminds me of The 3 Doctors-any Doctor Who fans out there?) were not available this week. Dances taught and reviewed this week by yours truly were Ersko Kolo ,
Electric Slide ,
Hava Nagila and a dance I choreographed to Esteban's Mediterana.

If any dance should be made the "official American Folk Dance", it should be the Electric Slide - in my humble opinion. It is the only dance that I've seen people of all ages get up and dance to on a regular basis.

The Hava Nagila taught in the above video is different than the one that I've done. If I teach again this week, I'll add the steps that are in this version. There is more variety.

Happy Dancing,
Another Day, Another Dance

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Girl

Happy Easter Season to all.
We have been having wonderful weather in VA this year. Has your "Sweet Tooth" been satisfied with Easter candy? Well, talking about "Sweet", why don't you view Tom Bozigian teaching Sweet Girl. Sue Chase taught this dance last month. Thanks Jay for the link. Tom points out that the dance is done erect, pinky hold, and that it was choreographed in 1953.
Another Day, Another Dance!