Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wandering Bird, Dancing through the Alphabet

"Wandering Bird",  the title of this post, is what I have felt like this summer!

Sue C. taught the dance.  The search for a dance that started with a "w" began when Bill suggested that we do a night of dances that start with the the letters of the alphabet!  "W" was the letter that was missing a dance. Since Sue  has taught "Wandering Bird",  we can dance through the alphabet with no problem!

As previously mentioned, I have felt like a wandering bird because I traveled to Ohio to visit my sister Rosie, as she recovered from surgery. While in Columbus, I was able to interview dancers from the Tuesday evening Hillel group. They are a very lively group! Wednesday evening I danced with the Columbus Folk Dancers and recorded some more great stories!

While visiting my son in LA, I was able to dance with Beverly Barr's Monday evening group and again hear the stories of many fantastic dancers!

I'm sure that many of you have felt like"Wandering Birds".  I highly recommend visiting the local folk dance groups when you are on vacation because you will meet many great people and have a great time!

Remember to dance with a child every chance you have!

Another Day, Another Dance,
Happy Dancing!