Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Michael Ginsburg Workshop and weekend dancing in PA

Last Saturday, June 2, Michael Ginsburg gave a great dance workshop in Harrisburg, PA. Michael has a clear concise style of teaching.  He associates movements with counts,  which is how my mind works also. In order to help cement dances in one's brain, he has the participants go off by themselves to see how much they can remember -  "Building leaders and not just followers".  Although he stated that "forgetting is good"  because it helps the folk dance teacher by being invited back to a location and teaching the same dances again.

He started out teaching Sofka a dance we had learned from Kyriakos Moisidis.
The other dances Michael taught were: Gravosko(Ventzi), Preplet, Myatalo lenche, Devetorka, Pravo Trakitsko, Eleno Mome, Pajdushko, Varnensko, Cocek, and not to be left out we did a Lesnoto.

As usual, the dance party in the evening was fun. Those of us there danced to our heart's content and visited with friends. Chervon Traktor provided the music for our dancing and listening pleasure. They also provided music the second half of the dance workshop.

We continued our dancing weekend Sunday by attending the opening church picnic of St. Nicholas Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church at Serb Park in Harrisburg. They did a grapevine step to Miserlou that I had never seen done before.  The  music was provided by Sviraj and the Polka quads. As for the food-- " Pigs in the Blanket" just the way Mom used to make them and delicious roast lamb--not for the squeamish.

Again, Monday arrives and back to work with memories of dancing fun!

Another Day, Another Dance,
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