Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hungarian Dance Workshop with Andor Czompo and Andy Taylor-Blenis

Andor Czompo's Hungarian Folk dance Workshop in Florida was really inspiring!.

Friday night he taught Szeki Tanc. Vanyai Csardas, and Cinege,  Saturday Andor taught Bagi Karidazo, Bagi Verbunk & Forgos, Kanasz Tanc, Szatmari  Verbunk, Szatmari Csardas & Friss, Cendes/Forgos Csardas, and Lakodalm Tanc, Adjon Az Isten.

When Andor dances his age fades away. Although his jumps and leaps are not quite as high as they once were; to see him dance is to witness the master dancer, performer and teacher in action! The stories and historical information that Andor blends in with teaching the dances makes the whole experience more memorable. In addition Andor has an inexhaustible supply of Hungarian folklore and stories which he freely shared.

Andor's assistant Andy Taylor-Blenis brought her inexhaustible vivaciousness and flawless dance technique to the workshop.  She and Andor were a great team!

As mentioned before, Andor is an inspiration to all of us to keep dancing even though at first our bodies may creak and complain; we are transformed to our youth once we join the dance!

The Brevard County Folk Dancers are a very welcoming and fun group.  The workshop was organized and very enjoyable.  Check out their site and upcoming activities.

Keep on dancing!

Dance with a child every chance you can!

Another Day, Another Dance!