Thursday, July 12, 2012

Workshop with Andor Czompo

It was great to have Andor come to our group to teach the first half of the "Easy dozen Hungarian Dances".  He was very informative about the history and folk lore of the dances.  Listening to Andor always makes me feel as if I am in Hungary dancing. The dances he taught were:
 Karikazo from Puspokbogat(Baranya County) southern Hungary,
 Csardas(a Variation from Vanya),
 Urai Korcsardas - Eastern Hungary,
 Szeki Tanc( a variation for children, Transylvania-Hungary),
Csendes - a slow couple Csardas

We hope to have him back in the fall to do the rest of the "Easy Hungarian Dozen".

In November he will be doing a workshop in Florida.

Another Day, Another Dance,
Keep Dancing!
Adjon Az Isten