Sunday, November 17, 2013

Makemie Woods Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The fall Makemie Woods dance weekend was a special event celebrating the anniversary of Judy and Lance.  Twenty years ago Judy and Lance were married at Makemie Woods! It was great to see the pictures from their wedding. Paraphrasing a quote from an interview with Steve Kotansky "What better way to meet your life partner than folk dancing!"

This month Sue C. started teaching  "Ketri, Ketri" an Albanian Roma dance at our regular Wednesday meetings. Even though it was presented to our group as an Albanian Roma dance, the song seems to be Hungarian Gypsy as stated by some authorities.

Below is a video of the way she taught it.

Steve Kotansky is doing a different version in the video below.
The notes for Steve's version are below:
This dance is considered a cocek by some dance authorities.

From the UK come the following comments about the dance!

The other dance that Sue taught was an Albanian dance Valle Pogonishte. She taught is as the way that the group below does it.
The notes for it are below.

Another Blogger has some interesting comments on the dance.

Dance with as many children as you can this week!

Another Day, Another Dance,
Happy Dancing!